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Welcome to the home page of Shadow View Estates Homeowners Association web site.  The public has access to all of the information on the first 6 pages of the site.  The rest of the site is restricted to registered members, individuals who are either homeowners or long-term renters.
~ Upcoming Events ~
Board meeting
Tuesday, January 11th, 6:30 pm at To be announced
This will be a regular monthly board meeting; all homeowners are welcome to attend.
Board meeting
Tuesday, February 15th, 6:30 pm at To be announced
This will be a regular monthly board meeting; all homeowners are welcome to attend.  The major part of the agenda will be devoted to final planning for the March annual meeting.

~ Homeowner Alerts ~
At the November board meeting, the board unanimously voted to set the 2022 association dues at $180 for the year.  This is the first increase in three years.  All of our major expenses - landscape maintenance, electricity and water - have increased their rates and have announced possible additional increases.  Many of our other expenses have also recently increased.  The formula established in our CC&Rs 30 years ago would permit annual dues of $221.25.  The official notification of the dues will be emailed before the end of November, bills will be sent in early December and will be due by January 1, 2022.
09/23/21 - Brenden & Sue Jones - Lot 13 (481 E Deer's Rest Pl)
09/09/21 - Kendall Wyllie - tenant at Lot 29 (331 E Hidden Quail Dr) - leased un til 09/12/22
07/01/21 - Heather Steffen - tenant at Lot 49 (6533 N Shadow Run Drive) - leased until 06/30/22
05/24/21 - Ashley & Erin Watkins - tenants at Lot 55 (255 E Morning Sun Court) - leased until 04/30/22
04/22/21 - Bruce Magna Daley - Lot 49 (6533 N Shadow Run Drive); Mr. Daley will not reside at the property; it will be used for long-term rentals
04/01/21 - Patty Brown - tenant at Lot 09 (6690 N Shadow Run Drive) - leased until 03/31/22
03/26/21 - SPH Property Three, LLC - Lot 49 (6533 N Shadow Run Drive)
02/15/21 - Bruce & Margaret Johnson - Lot 69 (6649 N Shadow Run Drive)