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Arizona statutes require that the Association provide all prospective purchasers with certain documents and information within ten days of written notification of a pending sale.  Certain information is date-sensitive and related only to the property being purchased; that information will be mailed or emailed to prospective purchasers by the Association.
The current contact for additional information is Mark Sommers, Secretary of the Association, whose telephone number is 520-260-8883.  His mailing address for Association matters is P.O. Box 36722, Tucson, AZ 85740-6722.  You can email him by selecting the listing/escrow link on the Contact Us tab.
General information that is not specifically related to an individual property is available here:
  • A copy of the Bylaws of Shadow View Estates Homeowners Association - click here 
  • A copy of the Declaration of Establishment of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions for Shadow View Estates - click here
  • A copy of the current operating budget of the Association (this changes annually when the new budget is presented at the March annual meeting) - click here
  • A copy of the most recent annual financial report of the Association; (this is also updated annually in March of each year). click here
  • A copy of the most recent reserve study of the Association, if any; because of our small size, no reserve study has been made, and none is currently anticipated.
  • A statement of any pending lawsuits in which the Association is a named party; there are no known lawsuits pending.